Fruits basket, Volume 23

Fruits basket, Volume 23Fruits basket, Volume 23 by Natsuki Takaya

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I began this series on a whim because I really want to make a habit of reading manga. I love manga and I draw it, so by golly god I must read it too, just like with YA. But since it’s much easier to read it online then locate all the volumes in various libraries, I find I always lack the time to read them. Which is seriously a pain in the ass. Last year I began my manga reading craze (after going keeping up with Naruto, beginning Bleach and Negima), which began with Ouran High School Host Club (Which is wicked awesome, hilariously funny and just sweet) and Death Note (still have to finish that), I had to stop for just a few months. But lately I got back into the craze again with Avatar the Legend of Korra (which technically isn’t a manga because it’s not of asian origin) and then I decided to pick up Fruits Basket. I began it out of curiosity; it was an interesting concept, the zodiacs.

I liked how it began too, especially the last few pages where Tohru accidentally turns Shigure, Yuki and Kyo into their respective zodiac animals by accident. That was funny. But I guess I didn’t really get interested until I began to understand Kyo’s character, and through his, I began to understand Tohru’s. After that I had to finish the 136 chapters. I had to know what happened to these cursed zodiacs.

In the end, I could not peel my eyes away. The plot was planned so well, the characters developed and intertwined beautifully, but best of all, I think my favourite story of all was the story about the hat Tohru treasured. I think that was the sweetest of them all.

For anyone getting into manga (i think the genre is shoujen), this is a good one to begin with. Really sweet, really heart-wrenching, and lovely overall.

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