The Lady of the Earth.



The lady in green,

Grants the seeds of the land,

With a gentle smile on her lips,

And a flowing hand.

She walks with beauty,


Of the sky

Of blue, white and grey,

And the shadows,


Here and there.

Her long dark hair blows,

Dark and seductive,

Trailing after,

Falling with

The blooming sakura,

The lady with the green shawl

Touches the earth,

Listens to the animals,

And small critters

Scuttling around the rebirth

Of a new tree

That sprouts under her palm,

Sprouting from the dirt.

Gaia is,

With her open ears,

Listens to the earth,

To their joy,

And to their sorrows.

She is,

The healing woman,

Moved by a “please”

And grateful for,

Just a thank you,

Whispered in her ear,

By the trees,

The earth,

The flowers,

The birds.

Her green cloak sweeps

Across the earth,

Guiding her

In search for a new

Blossom or shoot.

The lady with green roses in her hair,

And vines curling up her arms,

Finds the root,

And tugs,


All the while,


“I love you, grow for me?”

It grows up tall,

Strong and sturdy,

It’s baby sprouts,


“We love you too,

Lady of the Earth”

And she kisses each one,

One by one,

Granting them a long life.

She wriggles her toes,

Covered in dirt,

And remembers again,

Her pledge and troth,

To the Earth.

The Lady of Time whispers in her ear,

“It’s time.  Grant me your power,”

And she takes the light passed through time.

She can hear their voices,

Calling to her,

Calling to the earth,

Asking for rebirth.

And she grants them that,

Kissing each light,

She sends them forth,

To be reborn.

But to the side,

She hears the moans,

That only the shadows know.

“Give us life again”

They moan.

And she weeps,

Because she loves them too,

These shadows of death,

That the Lady of Death had yet to collect.

And she tells them,

Death will come,

And give them life,

But she cannot,

Even though it hurts,

Because she is not,

The Lady of Death.

Because she is not,

The Lady of Time,

Because she is,


The Lady of the Earth.


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