Random Music Moment #20

Now I know, just know it’s still a while away.  But I can’t help it.  I’m psyching myself up for 2013’s Eurovision Song Contest.  I am a massive fan.  I just love it.  Seeing this other side of the world and listening to their music.  Though some of it is pretty much like western music and there are theories related to the fact that voting is political and all.  But I’m Australian and as harsh as it is, I don’t really care.  I’m in it to experience it.  I want to hear the music, watch the performances and pick out the interesting most affecting ones.

Today’s RMM is actually is Estonian. I can’t understand a word, but whenever I listen to it, I love the rolling r sounds and the fact that I hear words in another language and yeettt somehow I compare it to english words adn thus end up making up my own lyrics (sorry!).  But still, I really love this performance, and I’m not surprise it came 6th.

Let Me Present:  Randajad By Urban Symphony Enjoy!!!!



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