Random Music Moment #18

Yesterday this song popped randomly into my head sometime in the morning.  I could hear the faint tune going round and round, and the lyrics “I’m a thousand miles away, but, girl tonight you look so pretty/I’m with you“.  Of course “I’m with you” is the wrong lyrics, but that’s what was in my head at that time.  And it frustrated me.  SERIOUSLY frustrated me because I was nowhere near the chorus, yet I knew this song and I knew it was old.

AS the morning progressed, more lyrics came to me, “A thousand miles seems pretty far/but they’ve got planes and trains and cars/I’d walk to you if I had no other way…”  Again, I got the lyrics wrong for the whole “planes and trains and cars“, I kept thinking “Cars and trains and planes, I’ll walk…” But still the tune was in my head.

All day I waited, waited, listening to the song, especially the part where it goes, “Ohhhhh it’s what you do to me” repeated a hundred times in my head until I hit it.  It began with “Hey there Delilah” and I had it.  I had the name of the song which for no apparent reason popped into my head and wouldn’t get out.  It was a good thing I wasn’t doing any serious thinking except, well, thinking about this song.  Because if I had been, I would be seriously annoyed at the lack of ‘nothing done’ and I’d probably rant about it.  But as it was, I wasn’t.

It’s funny that I think about this song now, since it was popular nearly seven years ago (my god, it was that long ago) when I was just finishing up yr 8 going onto yr 9.  I remember it was such a big hit.  And when I listen to it, I’m not surprised.  But then again it’s the only song I like by them.


Today’s Random Music Moment: Hey There Delilah By The Plain White T’s



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