Random Music Moment #17

So I was just casually looking and flicking and clicking through various blogs the other day and I decided to check Novroz‘s.  Now I love her blog!  It’s great, full with heaps of pages of random things and anime things and manga things and things that are asian-y, so I totally get into her stuff!  Anyway, my point, there was a video recently on her blog, a PV, and it looked interesting, because the scene it was depicting was a dance scene.  And anything with an awesome dance scene always catches my attention, even Gangnam Style (weird or not, the dancing was, well, different).

But I didn’t have time to watch it, so I bookmarked it and put it side for later reference.  And lol!  today, I have the time (even if I’m supposed to be studying, I consider wordpressing taking a break :P), and I watched it.  I’ve never heard of this band before, I’ll say, plus it’s not western, so the chances of me being internationalised (:P) are minimal, though since I started English as an International Language, and am now Majoring in it, I can’t help but want to explore the world I can’t seem to touch except through the net.

And I did.  I listened to the song.  And I have to say, not only is it catchy, the dance scene was awesome, and lol, there was some English in it too!!  Totally enjoyed and probably, I think, I’ll check out more by this band in the future coming!

So today’s Random Music Moment is Stay Away by L’Arc En Ciel 


For Novroz‘s post, which totally got me into this, go here.

4 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #17

  1. I am glad you like the video 🙂
    When I first heard them, I didn’t know Japanese and still they made me love them.

    A little secret here…the dancing was not done by them 😉
    They’re pure rock band who can’t dance at all…they hired professional dancers and put their head onto the real dancers.

    Thank you for the link 🙂

    • Oh I do!!! I don’t know Japanese either, but like one of my friend said, Music is a universal language lol.
      I had a feeling they weren’t actually dancing, judging from the first three minutes, where they’re standing in a line singing and playing their music. But still I love the dancing, whether it’s them or not (omg Lol, did they seriously? Those poor dancers hahahaha). If it’s good, I’m always entranced lol.
      Np hehe it was your post that got me into it haha

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