Because We Are Unique.


I think,


Makes us special.

It means we are unique,

With different colour eyes,

And different colour hair,

Different lips shapes,

Different ears.

If we were all the same,

It would be boring,

Don’t you think?

I think,

It is better,

To love thyself,

For who we are,

And not who we can pretend to be.


There’s nothing wrong,

With pretending at all.

It’s fine to dress like everyone else,

Act like everyone,

Be one of the crowd.

It’s fine if you want to fit in,

To not be alone,

Because it’s painful,


To be unique.

But still,

I think,

We are each,

One of our own,

Separate from the other,

Focussed on ourselves.

Cherish our difference,

Believe in difference,

Because we are,


I think,

In time,

We realise that,

There’s no point being like everyone else.

When we fall in love,

And are told that we are beautiful,

We begin to cherish,

The good points that we have.

A person might be petite,

Might be tall,

Might have big eyes,

Might have small.

They might not dress flashily,

Or wear makeup,

But they smile all the time,

And are happy in general.

Does that mean that they’re unsatisfied,

With the way they look?

I think,

We are all unique.

We might care what others think,

About the way we look,

But really,

You should only care,

About how you feel.

Revel in your difference,

Accept who you are,

And dress as you will,






And it’s beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Because We Are Unique.

  1. Beautiful poem.Its true each one of us we are unique in our own way.Regards.jalal

    • Thank you again Jalal. Yes, I like to remind and be remind of human uniqueness. I think this world sometimes is too preoccupied with conformity, even though there are heaps of people being who they want to be.

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