If I said goodbye first,

Would you think I was mean?

If I said it last,

Would you think it meant nothing?

If we said it at the same time,

Does it show what I feel for you?

What if I told you,

I don’t want to say goodbye?

What if I said,

See ya later,


Would you be hurt,

Would you think I was distant?

I don’t want to say goodbye.

I don’t want to miss you.

I refuse to go to your party,

If it means I have to say goodbye.


It’s such a final word,

With “good,”

Meaning something not bad,

And “bye”

Meaning “cya.”

You’re my friend,

My lover,

My one true love,

I can’t say goodbye.

Not even if I was Juliet,

Or Snow white,

Put me to death,

And it’s still not goodbye,

Because I will find you,

In this life,

Or the next,

I won’t say goodbye,

Not ever.

But I will say,

“See ya later,”

Even if,

The next time we meet,

We’re not friends,

Or lovers,

Or even in love anymore.

I’ll be glad,

All the same, for the fact,

That I saw you again.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye.

    • I know! For me, I always get awkward and unfortunately act really weirdly when it comes to saying goodbye, especially to a good friend who I really don’t want to go. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

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