One Piece vol 64!

One Piece 64One Piece 64 by Eiichiro Oda

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve always loved One Piece, it has always been up there on my favourites list, and for the last nine weeks (since with so many interruptions, it took me a lot longer than predicted to finally finish up to this volume) this has been my best friend, my company. I love One Piece so much, I can’t believe that it can have as much drama as a Shojo without being a Shojo manga. I love it. One Piece is the ultimate boy’s manga, but also, the ultimate for a girl. It is actiony, hot and dramatic. Monkey D. Luffy is the kind of hero whose not really a hero at all.
Since I’m up to date now, all I can say is this, I am having One Piece withdrawal. And if that’s the case, then on my meter of ‘the best manga ever’ this has already exceeded the ‘best ever’ mark. I can totally understand why this is the world’s best manga. T.T I am crying. Seriously, I haven’t been this moved by a manga since I read Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Fruits Basket, Nononono, Skip Beat! and Tokyo Crazy Paradise.

I think I also another reason why I like this is probably because it’s shonen and does not focus on romance (which I think is great because I’ve been reading so many Shojo which is aimed at girls and thus has a greater focus on romance). I also liked that because it doesn’t focus on romance, the characters have the ‘potential’ to be romantic for readers – especially if it’s a girl. And since the characters themselves don’t have romantic inclinations, readers have the chance to imagine themselves being a part of this world and maybe creating a story for themselves. At first I just loved the adventure and the comedy and the characters. It was fun and hilarious and at times very serious – I love the mangaka’s way of telling each of the character’s background story. Very emotive. I’d also like to point out while I remember, that though we hear a little about Luffy’s past in the beginning, like about the Strawhat, you don’t actually find out more until it comes to Ace, which I thought was clever, since I never actually realised how little I knew about this idiotic yet brave and caring and moral (nearly, and not quite, since he is a pirate, maybe “just” is a better word?) until we’re told more, and that’s after we learn the histories of all the other crew members. I thought that was just great…sigh, Lol, too great. Sigh, did I mention I was having One Piece withdrawal???

Anyway, this is great, just great, and I oh yeah, I was reading about One Piece on Wikipedia, and learnt that maybe towards the end he’ll have just a tiny bit of romance for Luffy, I’m kind of ecstatic about it – since all great heros deserve someone to love, but at the same time, I don’t mind if there isn’t. The story is great. I just can’t wait to know what happens with One Piece, the ‘dangerous weapon’ and I wonder what will happen with the World Government. So far it seems so corrupt, and there are so many hints that the WG is not actually justice, but the excuse of justice created. I’m also curious about the lost history that Robin is looking into.

Well I’m just dying to know aren’t I, hehe, well, on a final note on this review that is not really like a review, but Robin and Franky – they had such a close intimate moment (even by shonen standards) that I can’t help but think they’d be pretty cool together, even if Franky is a cyborg and (at this current volume) four times her size Lol. But still, this, Naruto and Bleach are the only mangas I’m willing to read without romance, it’s a nice change (Oh god, nice change sounds sooooo oldlady-like LOL).

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