Welcome to the Heartland,

The greatest land of the world.

Blooming with flower fields,

And a forest of the sweetest smells,

The city is bustling with light,


And booming businesses.

This is the Heartland,

The greatest land of the world.

It is thriving.


There is a legend,

Of a girl,

With black hair,

And blue eyes,

That were unnatural to her kind.

She fought for her land,

Until she was blood and bone,

Fighting with nothing

But sheer bravery.

Her heart is with her land,

Beating with life,

Blooming with colour.

Her sword is sharp,

And her eyes are open.

Can you see her fly,

With hair blowing wide?

She’s beautiful isn’t she?



An amazon warrior.

But her fiancé doesn’t know,

That she sees nothing but,

Her Heartland.


Place of her heart,

Her home,

Her land.

The land she would fight for,

Til the last breath she takes.

If it is to save her Heartland,

She would lay down her sword,

Kneel on the ground,

And bow down at the enemy,

If it would save,

The one thing she loves.

She is the legend that made the city,

What it is today,

Without war,

And poverty.

Suffering and pain.

This is her city,

Built by her hands,

Fought by her will.

Can you see her shadow flitting,

Like a lithe butterfly,

Across castle walls and,

Sandstone buildings?

She is the shadow,

That protects the Heartland,



If you love her,

Then you too,

Must love the Heartland,

Treat it like your homeland,

Live it like it’s your own.

If you want her,

Cherish the land

That she cherishes,

And you will win the heart,

Of the greatest warrior Princess alive.

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