A Season Of Transformation.

In the season of transformation,

The world seems darker.

From hot to cold,

From clear skies to overcast.

We shiver at the dropping temperature,

And swap our sandals for boots.

The sun dips lower,

And the days are shorter.

The mood deepens,

Β And the smiles are faint.

There is a grim feeling in the air,



Like rain,

That is not a spring shower,

Light and breezy.

But this is the season of transformation.

It is the moment of change,

Of transition,

Passing from,

Hot to cold,

Staying on warm.

Scarves are acceptable,

Boots are welcome,

Yet short sleeves and skirts are not unwanted.

It is the season in between,

The season of transformation.

We close our eyes,

And welcome the darkness,

So when we open them,

We see,

The red,

The orange,

The brown.

Autumn is in the air,

The season of transformation,

Of change,

Of growth and love.


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