The Lady Of Time.

The lady watches,

With half opened eyes.

It slips slowly by,

In the hourglass,

Of gold,

Half a palace high.

From top to bottom,

The sand of time,

Pours itself,

From past to future.

She is the watcher of time,

Constantly watching,

On her golden throne,

With gold entwined in her hair,

And a golden,


Lace dress.

She watches time,

As she watches us.

We are the creation of time,

Living life,

As time flies by.

It is endless,

Her job of,

Watching time,

Turning time,

Keeping time.

It is endless,

When the time ends,

And she stands,

To turn,

The time again,

From upside down to the

Right way up.

It is a tedious,

Tiresome job.

But she is the lady,

Of time.

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