Random Music Moments #6.

You know it’s always interesting hearing your favourite song covered by  different  artist/band.  Sometimes it’s annoying, sometimes it sucks and sometimes, it brings you back to the original and totally makes you like it.

Today’s Random Music Moment is one of those.  I first heard this covered by Bella Ferraro in her first audition of X-factor and I couldn’t believe it.  So please enjoy Skinny Love recently covered by Birdy.  I discovered recently too, that she covered this song rather than create it.  It’s a shame.  I don’t know the original artist, but they’re pretty brilliant to have the same song covered over and over again! 🙂

And the cover by Bella Ferraro, if you’re interested (it was her best audition and in my opinion, the only time I enjoyed her singing).

And of course, the cover done by Ed Sheeran.


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