Mayu Shinjo.

Mayu Shinjo is amazing Lol.  Even though her mangas are mainly smutty, they’re also about love and romance, albeit a little overly dramatic and at times stressingly annoying.  Since my first Shinjo manga: Love Celeb, I found myself looking for the next one and the next one and the next one.  It’s funny, it’s not like I like them overly, so much that I’d praise it again again and again, but it’s the kind of series where I am so bloody engrossed, it’s already dawn before I realise I’ve read the whole night through.  It’s that good a manga.

Firstly, I don’t know much about Mayu Shinjo, but that’s not really what this post is about.  What this post is about, is the fact that her mangas are awesome, if you’re into smutty manga or romance manga.  I’m not much of a big fan, but any dramatic manga/drama tv show/romantic YA novel is great for learning how write your own conflicts in your own stories.  There are so many plot twists and conflicts you wonder when it’ll end.  Haha, learning that, I figured, there might actually be something good to watching and reading dramatic material.

So I’ve begun reading drama manga.  It’s mostly romance manga with some smutty ones, but I think, the best out of the lot are Mayu Shinjo’s works.

Now she has a lot of works, a lot of series, a lot of oneshots and short series.  My favourite is Love Celeb with Midnight Children coming in second, and Sensual Phrase and Haou Airen coming in third.

Love Celeb, Sensual Phrase and Haou Airen, have something that I love.  They all connect, well not really connects, but rather, you see characters from one manga featuring in the other however briefly.  I really love those kinds of stories, they remind of Sarah Dessen‘s works (which all connect having similiar locations and varying cameos of characters from other novels).

Sensual Phrase was the first of the three to be created.  It’s about a love between a musician and the band’s lyricist who happens to be a woman.  It’s sweet and charming, hot and sexy, and also rife with pain and tragedy at some moments.  I enjoyed the romance primarily because Sakuya loves and puts Aine above all else (even when she’s being silly, but I love how she grows towards the end, completely understanding Sakuya’s feelings).

The second of the three was Haou Airen.  I loved and hated this.  This was seriously dark and grimy and as a female, I seriously felt uncomfortable with the situations the characters go through.  Yet the ending is satisfactory if sad and unexpected.  I liked Hakuron’s character.  As the head of the Black Dragon Organisation in Hong Kong, he’s completely coldhearted and indifferent. Just as someone in his position of power should be.  But he falls in love with Kurumi, a girl who just happened to help him one day, only thing is (and this is purely my opinion) she’s too stupid to not choose him over the girl who pretended to be her friend.  This is a pretty intense manga, it’s not to be read lightly.

And finally, my favourite of all of Mayu Shinjo’s works is Love Celeb.  It’s the lightest and funniest of the three mangas.  Gin is such a child!  Yet masculine and grown up at times.  He doesn’t recognise his feelings as love, even though he hates Kirara’s manager even touching Kirara.   Kirara is a little stupid, yet she’s smarter than Kurumi from Haou Airen, so I don’t hate her as much.  Even if this one is smutty, it’s certainly the funniest.

Some select pages from the manga (when Gin is at his best – represented using Chibi artwork by Shinjo.  Hehe, one reason why he is the best Shinjo male character, he’s so childish and cute in this form!!)

love-celeb-ch 12 pg 29

Source: mangareader, Love Celeb, Chapter 12

love-celeb-ch 7 pg 11

Source: mangareader, Love Celeb, Chapter 7 (Isn’t Gin cute? He’s a rich boy making porridge for the first time haha)

love-celeb-ch 8 pg 4

Source: mangareader, Love Celeb Chapter 8 (oooh this one is with Sakuya, isn’t Gin’s expression sweet? (Gin is the one in the middle panel))

love-celeb-ch 8 pg 8

Source: mangareader, Love Celeb Chapter 8 (No one orders the most powerful man in the whole of Japan without incurring his wrath, well, everyone except Sakuya, that is ;P)

love-celeb-ch 8 pg 9

Source: mangareader, Love Celeb Chapter 8 (Gin making coffee for Sakuya)

love-celeb-ch 8 pg 30 - so cute!

Source: mangareader, Love Celeb Chapter 8 (A couple’s cute love!)

love-celeb-ch 9 pg 8

Source: mangareader, Love Celeb Chapter 9 (There’s nothing better than a grown up boy with shiny eyes)

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