Matched. Crossed. Reached. Ally Condie.

This series was completely earth-shaking.  Honestly I was surprised.  It was a beautiful love story, perhaps a classic in the making, and a dystopia to boot.  I read the first book to see what the hype was about, my impression was “omg not another one about love”.  I read the second book to see the continuing journey and to see Ky and Cassia reunited.  And then I finally read the third book, for only one reason: I’d already read one and two, why not read three too.

And I was gobsmacked.

Reached was undoubtedly my favourite novel of the three.  It was long, indeed, and it was from the perspective of the three most important characters: Cassia, Ky and Xander.  But it tied all the knots that had been left undone in the other two.  It answered all questions, and I really loved the themes and metaphors in the entire story.  It’s like Mockingjay for the Hunger Games trilogy.

Reading the final story convinces me that this trilogy deserves the hype.  Even though I don’t really talk about one and two, I can vouch that this is a trilogy worth reading.


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