The Love Affair.

Boy meets girl,

Boy falls in love,

Girl falls in love.

They date,

They kiss,

They share warm hugs.

He says, I love you,

She says, I love you too,

They’re so in love.

And yet, there is a bride-in-waiting,

A proposal to be made,

An arranged married that is not boy and girl.

Rings are exchange,

Hearts are broken,

Promises left hanging.

And still they love each other,

Still, they want each other,

They’re willing to break the rules.

And the love affair begins.

A moment of heated passion,

Of kisses and touches,

Too insane to describe.

There is nothing but them,

Nothing but two people in love,

In an affair that they don’t want,

But can’t give up, they are

Two people lost in a fairy land,

Surrounded in white magic,

Black magic, of their guilt,

And denied passions.

But passion is unbounded,

Roaring and raging.

This is not the past, this is the future,

They don’t need a gun,

A knife,

A murder plot,

To be in love.

They never said a word,

To their mothers,

Their fathers,

Their family,

Their affianced.

If they had, maybe,

This could have been a beautiful love,

And not an estranged love affair,

Born from the throes of passion,

Dying in the grimy cell of prison.


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