Random Music Moments #2.

Today’s RMM is a recent favourite, actually.  It made me totally want to go watch the movie!  The teaser trailer that I saw was just the song and clips from the movie, there weren’t any words except one or two and I don’t know, whoever produced it was bloody brilliant!  (Now I was going to find it and link it here, but I can’t seem to find it at all (which sucks!) so I found the closest on to what I mean). Basically my whole point is, originally I wasn’t going to watch Skyfall in cinemas, thinking, I could definitely just borrow it when it came out, but after I saw that particular trailer, I just absolutely had to go see.  Too bad I can’t find it though!

Anyway, today’s RMM is Skyfall By Adele

That’s the Official Adele Video.  I really love her voice in this song and I love the lyrics and I love how it matches up with theme of the movie and the Bond theme song.  Magic!

Below is the closest teaser trailer I could find to the one that I originally saw.  It’s not the same though *sigh* but it’ll do.


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