Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Dear people of the world!


I hope you’re having a lovely Valentine’s day today.  For those who are celebrating it with loved ones, hope it turns out well.  For those who are missing their loved ones because they’re overseas or whatnot, smile and be happy!  And for those, who are not celebrating it with a girlfriend or boyfriend, who are celebrating Single’s Day say hooray to another reminder that we’re single and free and happy.  Even though I’m posting about Valentine’s Day, I feel like I’m a hypocrite because I’m technically not celebrating it today.  I’m rather celebrating Single’s Day (lol) and really, I’m not caring much at all.  It’s a beautiful day, and I’m filled with inspiration.  I’m working hard on my final Valentine’s Day story (Which hopefully will be posted later on) and I have my friends to celebrate with.  So if you’re single out there, you’re not alone! 🙂 Revel in your single status, because the best thing about it, is you aren’t tied by any strings (not that I’m saying being in a relationship sucks.  Being in a relationship can be really wonderful if it’s with the right person).

And for those who feel like a little romantic, sappy story about love, then here are, again, a re-cap of my past week’s worth of lead up stories to Valentine’s Day!

The Summer Days.

A Bright New Summer Love.

Waiting For You. 

A Rose Persuasion.

The First Time We Met…

Love Letter.

The Rain That Refused to Stop…

At The End Of The Day…



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