A Ghostly Valentine’s.

So this is my final Valentine’s Day Story.  It’s the biggest and the longest.  It’s also experimental (It’s a story told in 55 word chapters!) and I managed to finish it in the nick of time.  Right now, there are 40 minutes until the end of Valentine’s Day!  Hehe, I hope you enjoy it!  (Oh And I Also Think It’s A Bit Weird That My Main Girl Is Called Ann, To Me It Seems A Bit Old Fashioned Lol)


First, There Was Something Wrong…

There was something wrong with Ann.  Her body moved as she told it to.  It walked, touched, flicked hair, smirked.  But for some reason she felt strangely invisible.  No one talked to her on the street, no one even looked at her when clearly she was a bombshell.  This invisibility terrified her, then she saw him.


The Love of Her Life Looked Never Better…

She stood back, he was so beautiful, dashingly handsome with the cutest curls in his hair.  She always admired him from afar.  When he asked her out, she couldn’t believe it.  Slowly she walked to him, pushing through the crowd.  She could almost reach out and touch him.  Except he was holding another girl’s hand.


The Restless Spirit Medium Hates Valentine’s…

It was the biggest love celebration of the year.  Yet, James was telling teary eyed widows and abandoned girlfriends tales of their dead loves.  He worked for his uncle, that bastard, who did nothing but order him around, before going out to play.  James wondered if he could close up the store and call Ally.


James Makes A Date For Valentine’s…

Ally said yes.  James could have jumped for joy.  She even said, she didn’t care if it was only an hour, she was happy to spend it with him.  James looked in the mirror, glad that he was working, since he looked his best when he worked, and dragged his comb once through his hair.


Ann Can’t Believe What She Is Seeing…

Ann just stared.  Why was her Adam hand in hands with another girl?  Why?  She immediately ran in front of him and demanded him to stop.  He did, not to look at her, but to look at the scantily dressed girl beside him.  ‘I said Stop!’ She screamed.  And then they walked right through her.


Second, There Was Something Very Wrong…

No way.  She was not a ghost.  Ann didn’t believe she was a ghost.  Just yesterday, she was picking out her dress to wear for Valentine’s.  And today she was wearing that dress.  They were going on a date today.  More people passed through her, more and more, buffering her.  She was not a ghost!


There Was An Explosion With No Apparent Source…

Adam flinched when the world exploded behind him.  It was like a volcanic eruption with no volcano; a nuclear bomb with no actual bomb.  The crowd scattered, and for a moment, he let go of Natasha’s hand.  He scrambled for her hand, frantically, but found himself looking at someone who was supposed to be dead.


There’s Nothing Like A Dead Girlfriend Come Back To Life…

Adam stared.  Then he blanched.  And when she didn’t disappear, he screamed.  That was a normal reaction.  What was not normal, more like incomprehensible, was Ann screaming back at him.  There was something about Natasha and Valentine’s and the expensive dress she was wearing.  But he just couldn’t believe there was a ghost.  He fainted.


A Date Is When A Man And Woman Do Lots Of Things Together…

Ally apparently did not see him as anything more than a friend.  James was a little annoyed at that.  For the hour, they drank coffee.  James had no idea if dates were like that, since it was his first.  But she looked uncomfortable.  James would have to thank the crazy ghost girl later for interrupting.


Saved By The Bell, What A Way To Look Cool…

 Immediately James sprinted onto the street.  Around him ghosts were pretty calm, not really vengeful.  But this one was really angry.  Beautiful in that green dress, with long dark hair, she was surrounded in negative energy.  James seriously asked himself why he threw himself in front of the man the ghost was attacking without thinking.


Who Do You Think You Are, You Great Big Brute? …

Ann was furious.  It was a falling avalanche.  Everything she remembered about dating him the last six months returned.  Suddenly she was empowered, fire roared around her and she was in control.  That big fat brute; that pretty faced, two faced liar! And then he ran in front of her, essentially taking all her anger.


He Fell With A Mighty Big Crash…

And Ann was repentant.  The girl holding Adam’s hand was screaming hysterically, tugging at Adam.  Adam was staring in shock horror at the guy Ann had just attacked.  From the coffee shop, there was a loud female shriek, ‘James!’  The girl ran over slapping his cheeks all the while Ann tried to catch her attention.


Natasha’s Hand Felt Way Too Small In His…

It was a shock, to say the least, when Adam and Natasha became, Adam, Natasha, Adam’s dead girlfriend, one unconscious spirit medium and the spirit medium’s date.  It seemed only Adam could see Ann, and according to Ally, the girl who took control, so could the spirit medium.  Adam felt a tingle in his heart.


Adam Thinks That The Roof Is Leaking…

The bucket of water came from nowhere.  But when Adam looked up, it was hovering without any assistance, tipping and sloshing all over him.  Natasha screamed, but Adam didn’t move.  Natasha whimpered, but for some reason, Adam just got angry.  It didn’t make any sense that she was angry.  She wasn’t covered in stinky water.


It Was Just Too Funny…

Ann couldn’t stop laughing.  In just a few moments, she’d managed to redirect her anger into physical force, and upturned the bucket on his head.  She’d wanted to catch the girl too, but she dodged.  Adam was glaring at Ann, so she stuck out her tongue.

‘Who the hell are you?’ Said the spiritual medium.


The Spiritual Medium Has Anger Management Problems…

James looked ridiculous.  He was blotchy red and he looked increasingly more and more harassed.  Ally looked  flustered and Natasha (Ann finally caught her name) burst out hysterically again.  When Adam and Ann started talking it turned into an argument; Natasha cried and Ally told them to shut up.  It was James who yelled though.


James Does not Have Anger Management Problems…

One ghost whose ex-boyfriend was still alive.  One hysterical girlfriend who couldn’t help making noise.  And Ally, who despite looking bored before, was relatively composed.

‘Now, one of you explain.  Who are you people?’

Natasha stared at James in disbelief when Ann answered.  This was going to be a long day.  Ann didn’t know anything.


How Do You Tell A Ghost It’s Been A Year? …

‘Ann, you’ve been dead a year.’  James couldn’t touch her, so he couldn’t stop her from avoiding his eyes.  ‘It’s normal for Adam to have another girlfriend.’

For his good deed, she shouted ‘Asshole!’ in his face and dunked a bucket of water on his head too.  Why were there so many buckets of water?


Adam Can’t Believe My Ex-Girlfriend Was Such A Psycho…

It’s a lie, Adam thinks.  This girl couldn’t be his sweet clingy Ann.  ‘Where did she go?’

James contemplated it for a moment, like he was seriously curious.  ‘How the hell do I know?’  He exclaimed.  ‘Who told your psycho girlfriend to die exactly one year ago?’

‘She’s not a psycho!’

‘Then why am I wet?’


When The Phone Rings, Pick It Up…

Adam just glared at the so-called spiritual medium.  He hadn’t thought about Ann for a long time.  It hurt too much to.

His phone rings.  ‘What?’

There’s crashing noises in the background, the voice barely comes clear.  Somehow Adam knew this was not good news.  ‘Adam, there’s something wrong with your room.  Come home now.’


Don’t Mess With Ann, Or She’ll Hit You With Her Shoe…

Adam’s room looked exactly the same.  The same floor.  The same bed.  The same blanket.  The same clothes in the wardrobe with an additional new season trend.  Even the photos on the wall were the same.  If Ann hadn’t seen those, Ann might not have gone crazy.

‘Ann!  What are you doing to my room?’


Screaming Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Name Might Make You Look Crazy Instead…

Daniel just stared at Adam.  Adam had never felt more humiliated than right then, but Ann was going crazy, he considered his brother second priority.

‘Ann, calm the fuck down!’

‘Calm down?’  She snarled.  ‘How can I?’

‘Dude!  There’s so much negative energy…’ It was really the worst moment for the other brother to appear.


One Brother Can See, The Other Can’t, What a Surprise….

Adam groaned, he couldn’t believe Ben could see Ann and Daniel couldn’t.  At least only half his family thought he was crazy.

‘Ann, looking good!’  Ben said cheerily at Ann.

‘Who are you talking to Ben?’  Said Daniel.

Why can you see her?’  Adam groaned.  Now he had to figure out what was her problem.


James Likes To Play A Fast Game Of Goose Chase…

James had forgotten about his uncle.  Yet, he still dragged Ally along with him.  Strangely, she didn’t mind.  She was smiling a hell of a lot more than before, that’s for sure.  When Adam had left, he’d chased them, losing them halfway.  Lost in the middle of town, unsure if they’d gone left or right.


When A Chair Comes Flying Over Your Head, You Know You’ve Found An Errant Ghost…

‘Omg James, duck!’  James fell as Ally bulldozed into him.  Flying over them, was one of those wheelie chairs you had at your desk.  They’d finally found the house by following James’ spiritual sense.  Ann’s aura was immense.  No surprise when the inhabitants run out of the house.  But why did she throw the chair?

The Infuriating Moment When She Just Had To Say That…

If I’ve been dead a year, why is my photo still here?’  She screeched, pointing at the wall.  Seeing her beautiful self there, had been as shocking as it had been touching.  It was proof that she couldn’t be dead.

‘Ann…’ His brows were wrinkled.

‘Don’t even think about it!’  Screeched Natasha, finally pulling pluck.


When Natasha Finally Fights What She Can’t See…

‘Horrible, witchy, ugly girl!  Adam is mine!’  Ann wondered how old this girl was.  For Adam to jump from Ann to Natasha, it was a big leap.

‘Keep him,’ she snarled.  ‘This was my big day, not yours!  Adam…Adam…’ Ann lost her words.  There was something that was supposed to happen.  But what was it?

The Regrets Of The Past Come To Light…Though Not Quite Yet…

 Adam watched as Ann struggled for words.  Natasha couldn’t see Ann, nor could she hear her, so she was flailing about, screaming, ‘Adam is mine, Adam is mine!’  He slapped his forehead.  He knew what Ann was searching for.

‘Natasha, shut up.’  He turned face Ann.  ‘Ann, look at me, I’m not the same anymore.’


Ann Remembers Something, Ann Goes Into Meditation…

‘No,’ she says.  ‘No.’ Her head spins, an image of the Adam she loved flashes into her mind.  His hair was shorter, eyes brighter.  It was the family barbeque, so Daniel and Ben were there.  She stumbles back, at least as much as a ghost could stumble back, and put a hand to her forehead.


Third, Ann is looking for what’s wrong…

Ann felt faint, she was sure she was turning pale.  One moment, her world had been complete, easy, if a little translucent.  The next, she was being bombarded by something surprisingly painful.  She clutched her head, her whole body was in agony.  It wasn’t long before she faded completely.  She wasn’t even aware of it.


There’s Nothing Like A Stupid Ghost…

‘Damn it, Ann!’  Adam screamed.  But she had already faded.  Ben was in shock, but Daniel was still annoyed.

‘Did she leave?’  Said Natasha, her face lighting up.


‘That’s great!’

‘No it’s not.’  Adam rubbed his face.  ‘That damn girl.  Even dead, she’s still the same.’

‘Aren’t you a bit harsh?’  Said James, surprised.


Now Where Is That Stupid Ghost? …

From Adam, James learned the story of Ann’s death.  And from there, he’d said, without thinking, again, ‘I’ll fix your problem.’  It was a first for him, to delve into his spiritual heritage like this voluntarily.  But judging from Adam’s pained expression and Ann’s terrified one, James knew he had to help.  But where’s Ann?

In Time And Past, And Past To Future, Adam Remembers Past Feelings…

She had the prettiest face he’d ever seen; bright, daring, expressive, snobby and righteous, but she was nice.  He’d fallen in love with her enthusiasm and her ridiculously nagging personality.  She never really annoyed him, it was cute, the way she was.  That day, if he hadn’t giving into her, maybe she’d still be here.


Natasha Is Suffering From Boyfriend Withdrawal…

Daniel and Ben watched the scene in front of them, unsure what to do.  Daniel, annoyed, begged off early.  But Ben stayed.  He poked Adam in the forehead.

‘Go away Ben.’


‘You’re a pain.’



‘You can’t just ditch her because Ann’s back.’

‘Why not?’  He said.  ‘What if that’s what she wants?’


Fourth, The Morning Of The Very Last Day Ann Lived…

Was perfect for Valentine’s.  They’d already made plans the week before and Ann had already picked the perfect outfit.  They went to the beach for the day, but, as Ann remembers, they’d suffered several setbacks.  But they got there in the end and it was wonderful.  Then…Ann clutches her head, what happened then?  What did she do?


The Rose On The Door, In the Bag, On the Floor…

Had Adam known she would want to go back home to change even though they were an hour or so behind on their plans?  Ann knew he’d known.  For six months, he’d put up with her scheduled lifestyle, and even complaining, he’d smiled and said, ‘hurry up.’  He’d even prepared roses in a romantic fashion.


And James Learns How To Blush…

James, Adam, Natasha and Ally head to Ann’s house.  This was the place Ann most likely would have come.

‘Ally, I’m really sorry.’

‘About what?’ She said startled.

‘About today.  Our one hour was ruined.’

She laughed then.  ‘That sucked, but this is so much better.’

‘Is it?’  He felt a fire in his cheeks.


Omg, It’s The Famed Accidental Kiss…

‘Yep!  This is much funner, I get to see your life.’

‘This is not my life, and since when were you fascinated by ghosts and all things spiritual?’

She smiled.  ‘I liked you, but this stuff, well, I guess I like it now!’

James smiled.  Then he tripped and got pushed by Adam, by accident.


Whoa, get a room! …

Adam kind of froze when he realised what he’d done.  His opinion on James and Ally were that James and Ally were together.  Yet but the way they were blushing, Adam figured, what he’d done, was perhaps not the best thing.  Even if it was an accident.  Then again, they were staring at each other.


The Old Song, Do You Remember It? …

On the bus, Ally and James were still blushing furiously, looking in the other direction.  Natasha was remarkably quiet, and Ben, was being annoying.  Adam didn’t know why he’d come along, except that he was constantly being poked in the arm by him.  Just as he was telling Ben to stop, a song began playing.


Ann’s Mother Is Crying, And She Knows Why…

There’s nothing like wallowing in self-pity.  Especially since Ann knew her personality was a problem most of the time.  She was used to getting her way.  And seeing her room, still the same, but the rest of the house completely changed, reality settled in.  What other reason was there for her mother to cry today?

Family Life, No Matter How Fulfilling, Is Still Empty, Even With The Brother Around…

Luke was in his room.  Ann wondered if he remembered her.  A year ago, they’d been on good terms, but there wasn’t a single photo of them both anywhere in his room. There used to be at least three.  His phone rang.

‘No I can’t.  Mum’s crying.  Dad’s not talking.  I can’t leave them alone.’


It’s Surprisingly Awkward, The Question: To Hold Hand Or To Not? …

James still felt like a raging fire.  His hand had begun sweating.  Since, it was sitting on the chair, just millimetres from Ally’s hand.  Ally didn’t mind the kiss.  James, didn’t really.  He was nervous about what that kiss meant.  It was slowly dawning on him that he might not know Ally as he thought.


Ally Is More Than A Friend…

James contemplated this question with every inch of his brain.  He so exhausted his mind thinking about the years he’d known Ally.  As childhood friends, some thought it was natural to break that barrier between and become a couple, but he liked being friends.  But he wanted to be her boyfriend.  He took her hand.


The First Kiss…

Ann stood by her bedroom window and remembered her first kiss.  Even at their age, they had been like teens, hovering, unsure, secretly sneaking a kiss.  They were eighteen, but still, Adam was crouching on the branch outside her room and gently kissing her.  It had been smoulderingly romantic; the most wonderful memory she had.

The Shouting That Came From The Lounge; The Roses That Wilted…

Mum and Dad screamed at each other.  Ann ran downstairs to find out what was going on.  But Luke was barely mediating.  He was at the edge of his thread, unable to stop his mum crying, unable to stop his dad from loving his mother.  It became a huddle pile.  They missed Ann so much.


Natasha Questions Adam…

‘Why did you ask me out?’  Natasha said quietly looking out the window.  Adam had seen James pluck up his courage, and couldn’t help but smile.

‘Why not?’

‘You’re still in love with your ex, that’s why.’

James was very aware he was hurting her.  ‘I’m not.’

‘She’s dead.’  She was looking at him now.


Adam Still Loves Ann, But He Also Likes Natasha…

He gives a small smile.  ‘You know I like you.  You also knew about Ann.’

‘I did.  I thought you’d forgotten.  I didn’t think you’d think she’d come back alive!’

‘Who was the one who was screaming “Adam is mine” at thin air?’  Natasha looked like she’d been slapped.

Pissed she said coolly, ‘Goodbye Adam.’


This Was An Awful Valentine’s…

‘Natasha!  Natasha!’  James turned to watch as Natasha stormed off the bus at the next stop.  Adam called after her, but the door closed behind her almost immediately.  He looked pale and James felt sorry for him.  Then again it was Adam’s fault.

‘Don’t blame him.’

James looked at Ally in surprise.  ‘How come Als?’


This Was The Best Valentine’s…

‘Because James, one year after her death, Ann just wants to resolve issues.  And Adam needs to resolve his.’  She still hadn’t let go of his hand.  This, James took as a good sign.

Hearing her answer, he smiled.  Ally was good.  Better than he was.  She should have been the spiritual medium, not him.


Fifth, The Evening Of The Very Last Day Ann Lived…

Ann combed her long hair back, brushed a light gloss over her lips and adjusted the silky dress.  Looking at herself in the mirror, she’d never looked better.  Gazing at the long hair that draped down her back, she tried to remind herself she wasn’t completely up herself.   She just happened to be in love.


The Stiletto Shoes Had Been Surprisingly Comfortable…

She’d kissed her parents goodbye and told them to have a fun Valentine’s together.  She noogied her brother’s head and told him not to make his girlfriend wait.  She showed off her look once more.  Then she stepped out.  She could see Adam’s silhouette in the park.  She should have been more careful crossing the road.


When The Past And The Future Conflict, One Must Decide Which Is Better…

Adam walked up to the house with the others in tow.  He was incredibly frustrated, but he was also anxious.  Since Natasha left, he’d begun questioning himself.  He did still love Ann but he’d also begun loving Natasha.  Natasha who was whiny and clingy, consciously beautiful, yet naïve and sweet.  Natasha:  Someone Ann would hate.


Why Is It Irritating When The Ghost You’re Looking For Isn’t Where You Were Looking? …

‘Ann?  Adam, honey, Ann’s…’ Ann’s mum burst into tears, and Adam ended up comforting her.  He was the parents’ favourite Boyfriend.  He knew if Ann’s dad was home, he would be given a severe scolding.  Albeit familial-like.  They still considered him family.  But he couldn’t tell them about Ann.  Not even if she was there.


James And Ally Comfort The Fam…

James, being a practiced Spiritual Medium should’ve known the best way to handle a grieving family, but he was at a loss.  Ally took control.  She did the work, got the tea, sat the mother down.  But she didn’t talk about ghosts.  She talked instead about preserving Ann’s memory while James looked for ghostly residue.


It Was Ben The Tag-A-Long Who Guessed Where Ann Went…

James had a general direction but it was the brother who’d guessed correctly.  Adam agreed and Ally shrugged.  All Ben said was, ‘the graveyard.’

‘What about Ann’s grave?’

‘Nothing, it’s nothing kiddo,’ Adam said, gently ruffling the brother’s hair.

‘Yeah right, whatever, heard you were dating again.’

Adam just smiled, it was a sad smile.


Sixth, She Never Saw It coming…

The car had come from nowhere.  Or it seemed like that.  Ann had been too excited to spend her first Valentine’s with Adam, she completely forgot to look left and right.  But still, that car probably shouldn’t have been speeding.  And yet, she’d looked left too late.  In her eyes, she only saw bright headlights.


She Remembers Exactly What She’d Been So Excited About…

A ring.  Ann had found it a week before in Adam’s drawer.  He’d probably thought he was being smart, hiding it there in the “secret drawer” but Ann wasn’t scared of that.  To be sure, she’d hassled Ben, the brother closest to Adam, and he’d told her Adam’s plan.  Then, she’d picked the perfect dress.


James Watched Adam Fiddle With A Ring Box…

‘Was that for Ann?’  Asked Ally.  At first, James considered elbowing her.

‘Yeah.’  He’d developed water in his eyes.

‘Is that why?’

‘Why Ann might be around?  Yes.’

Ally felt silent.  Even James understood what was happening.  Ben clamped a hand on Adam’s shoulder.

‘James, I don’t think it’s Ann’s problem.  James, I think it’s Adam’s.’


James Was Beginning To Feel Useless, Maybe Ally Was His Perfect Ally…

Ally reached over to Adam and gently took the ring.  It was dazzling.  James could imagine that he’d worked hard to find such a ring.  Even if it was simple.  After seeing the ghost Ann, James could already see how much this ring suited her.

‘When you Ann next, you have to tell her everything.’


The Gravestone Was Exactly What She Had Expected…

The ghostly tears wouldn’t stop flowing.  Knowing that she’d caused her own death, did not ease her pain.  Since this day had started, nothing had gone right.  Nothing, yet everything made sense.  From confusion to denial to grief to acceptance, only tears fell.  Sitting on her gravestone, she wondered who hurt more at this moment.


Ann Will Always Love Adam, Always…

It was Adam who’d appeared before her.  Just like the way she’d first appeared before him.  It was Adam who’d held out his hand, just like the first time she spoke to him.  It was Adam who said, ‘Nice to meet you, I’m Adam’ just as she had, the first time she spoke to him.


James Never Once Let Go Of Ally’s Hand…

Ally’s hand was warm; the only comfort to James.  This was a touching scene, but it made him worry about him and Ally, if there was a Them in the future.  Ben said nothing, though James could tell, he was also feeling slightly responsible.  If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be able to see her now.


Guilt Can Disappear With Just A Smile, Even A Ghostly One…

James narrated what Ann was doing to Ally, who was patiently nodding along.  He smiled, and to his surprise caught Ann’s gaze.  He wondered how long she’d been looking.  And when she smiled again, it was for Ben.  Next to him, James felt Ben’s spiritual tension fade.  That must have meant something more to him.


Even Death Cannot Prevent Great Love…

Adam remembered the way Ann had left the house.  As she strode towards him, all confidence, her hair pulled back in the wave of her walk.  She was beautiful.  Her dress wrapped around her, pulled away, puffed ever so slightly.  She was always beautiful, but then, she was magnificent.  He would always love Ann, always.


Ann Was Known To Be Merciful, Every Once In A While…

‘I’m so sorry Ann.  I’m So Sorry.’  He didn’t know what to do.  He tried to meet her eyes, but he couldn’t.  He didn’t want to fidget, but he couldn’t stop.

‘Where’s Natasha?’  He flinched at the way she enounced her name.

‘She left.’

Ann sniffed.


‘No, I get it.  Don’t get me wrong.’


Separating The Divide, This Is My Side, That Is Yours…

‘I always wanted to be romantic with you.  I always wanted you to love me like I loved you.  I guess I’m still stuck there, you’re moving on.  There is a saying, don’t fall in love with the dead, you can only get hurt!’

Adam chuckled, ‘There’s no such saying.’

‘Whatever.’  They shared a smile.


Why Is The Space Still The Same Size? …

Ann watched as Adam took out a box.  She recognised it and a new flood of tears flowed.  ‘Ann, I love you.  I will always love you.  You were the one, the only one I felt that uncontrollable need to be with.  You’re beautiful, you’re weird.  But I loved you.’

Ann cried a little harder.


Adam Says The Words He Wanted To Say One Year Ago…

‘I loved you too Adam.’  She leaned forward and kissed his forehead.  ‘And I would have said yes.’

Adam sighed.  He never realised that he’d had this anxiety.  The same kind that had made him hesitant to date Natasha.

‘But…I’m dead Adam.  We can’t get married anymore.’

He looked up at Ann, tears forming again.


Seventh, The Final Act…

She stood and took Adam’s hands with her ghostly ones, though she nagged him to move his hands with hers, since she clearly couldn’t touch him.  They were face to face once again, just like the second date when he’d asked her out again.

‘I remember everything now.’  She smiled.  ‘Don’t stop living Adam.  Live.’

And They Watch In Tears…

Ally couldn’t see, but she could hear James.  And she cried.  She felt for these two people, who she didn’t know, whose lives were the kind that should have and would have been wonderful.

James watched as Ann leaned forward, lightly pressing her lips to Adam’s.  Then she faded, her light swirling to the sky.


Goodbye Adam, Don’t Forget To Live For Me…

Ann knew he couldn’t feel her.  But she guessed she was okay with that.  She was a ghost after all.  She was nothing but translucent unexplainable invisible substance, probably not even a substance.  Even so, she leaned forward and kissed him.  All her love for him flowed forward in that kiss, even her final wish.


Adam says goodbye…

 Her lips, he could feel her lips.  Warm and tender on his, he could feel everything she ever felt about him.  Adam really did love her.  Opening his eyes, he watched her smiling face look upward as she faded into little balls of light.  He’d heard her last words, ‘The ring deserves a new owner.’


Eighth, The Curtain Closes…

Adam returned to the others, and Ben slaps him on his back.  There were more tears in his eyes, Ann’s tears.

‘Ann was the best, bro.’

‘Yeah, she was.’

‘But Natasha’s not bad.  She seems to like you.’


Ben shoved him.  ‘Go get her Adam.’

Adam nodded, partly dejected, yet serious.  Ann’s final wish.


James Finishes His Date With Ally, And Remembers His Uncle…

When the brothers left, James felt surprisingly satisfied.  Squeezing Ally’s hand, they too left the graveyard.  As they walked along the river, Ally said, ‘Are we forgetting something?’

‘Oh crap, Uncle!’  He groaned remembering his uncle’s anger, then he remembered his Uncle’s favourite habits, he couldn’t care less.

‘So what?’  The he kissed her, properly.


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