Five Days to Valentine’s Day!

Hello World!


It probably would have been better if I had done this three days ago when I started it, but I guess better now than later right?  Okay so here’s the deal, Valentine’s day is coming!  Five days from today, it is going to be the biggest day of love for everyone in the world.  It might be the day of first love, ever-lasting loves, even reaffirmation of love.  It could also be the day when love dies.  But let’s stay positive!  So until Valentine’s day I’m going to be writing one fifty-five word story a day, each one will be about love, and since the weather here in lovely down under is so blistering hot, “summer” will feature heavily in each story.  I kind of like the idea of “summer love”, haha.  So enjoy my stories!  Hopefully they’re not so bad, and well, they might be a little  cheesy, but every time I think about Valentine’s day I can’t help but think cheesy anyway, so it’s all good!

Here are the stories I’ve written so far:

The Summer Days

A Bright New Summer Love

Waiting for You

A Rose Persuasion

And since there are five days to go, I wish everyone luck for the days coming!  I hope everyone finds someone to spend that special day with!




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