A Quaint Dream: Words and thoughts, passages of prose, like a faint passing dream from my recent trip. Part Two.

This is part two!  I mainly thought about things I saw when I was in the car, it really helped me stay away from the whole car sick feeling.  I mean I’m definitely not a person who pukes, but I do feel queasy, so queasy, I sleep to forget it.  Normally it means I miss a lot, so every time I go some place, I feel like I’m missing out a lot.  That’s why this time, I wanted to stay awake and record the weird and beautiful, terrifying and scary, and abstract moments.  Because this time I have somewhere to put it, somewhere to share it and I definitely want to do it without pictures.  So hopefully you, dear readers, can feel and see what I saw!  Lol, I hope I captured it with my words 🙂



…I open my eyes and I’m blinded by the dazzling pale blue and pink of dawn.  I blink and I can’t believe my eyes.  It’s more than just waking from a dream.  It’s like rising from the dead, knowing that you’ll live another day.  A sign passes by that says “bacon and eggs” and I suddenly feel hungry.  I wonder when the next food stop will be.  I wonder how much longer I can hold on.

   The mountains and hills are still in a haze of morning mist.  It’s a light mist, nearly translucent in the morning light.  Yet it’s the kind of mist that shrouds a city or a country scape on a day that’s predicted to be hot.  I know in that instant that I’m probably wearing a bit too much…




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