Be Inspired! A present for you!



It seems inspiration has been on my head a lot lately.  So much that I have written about it once and even drawn about it.  Funny thing too, I’m writing another thing about inspiration.
Well, it goes without saying that inspiration is the most important thing to artists and writers.  Whether it’s from previous experience or something we dreamt about or something we saw.  It’s all important!

So My present to you all is this:  Be Inspired!  And write, create and dream!




The Original.

Final npic

The Final.


And the Banner.

I really liked the way it turned out.  Hehe, is it cheating to say that I was inspired by drawing about Inspiration?  Well, I had fun sketching it.  It was originally a gift for a friend.  But I took a digital copy for my own records.  Hehe, my friend now owns an original ;P.

Doing the background design was a headache at first.  I actually haven’t used Photoshop for a while now so it took a while to adjust to it again.  Only thing is this time I wanted to use the mask option.  Since I completely forgot how to use it I spent half the day (in between doing the cooking) trying to figure it!  It makes me sound like an old person when I say it like that (though no offence since I’m sure there are people out there much older than me who do a better job) but it felt so odd and frustrating not knowing the tool I’d used for years.  But I got it in the end.  Really, it was so simple, I could have smacked myself.  Sigh, but it was all worth it, the energy and frustration.  All worth it in the end.  I got the result, though unexpected, was even better than I wanted.  And I’m pleased to be inspired but something so unexpected.

I’m not sure how the girl matches up with the idea “Be Inspired” but those were the first words I thought of when I drew it.  Secondly, the colours you see, I was actually inspired by the UK covers for Veronica Roth’s Divergent and Insurgent novels.



5 thoughts on “Be Inspired! A present for you!

  1. Nina thank you so much for all of your nominations!! I really have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve just been kind of down lately but you know, we move on. Sorry for being incredibly late…but I will have them done before this year is over 😛 Thank you once again, and also for this inspirational post. I wish the best for the end of this year and the best for the beginning of a new one! Keep up the awesome work, as usual!!

    • Hey 🙂 You deserved all the awards I nominated you for :). Hehe, I think your blog is great and there’s no need to apologise! Lol. You too, keep up the work. And I’m glad that you like my post :). All the best for what’s left of this year and next year!!!

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