Inspiration is the water that clings to cobwebs;

The rain that pours down mercilessly;

The sun that shines unforgivably;

The wind that blows heartily;

And the snow that falls softly.

It is the chocolate éclairs that melt in the mouth;

The smell of dinner wafting from the kitchen;

The feel of calluses that grew from hard work;

The sound of sweet music from a friend’s guitar.

Inspiration is the friend who says hello;

The boyfriend who gives kisses;

The girlfriend who makes lunch;

The mother who tucks you in.

It is the scene from the window of a passing train;

The everyday scene of the tram you catch every day;

The scene of kids messing about on the bus;

The peaceful river scene you see as you walk to school.

Inspiration is a rose from the garden;

A shadow in the bedroom;

A letter in the mailbox;

Or a candle in the bathroom.

It is the thought you got when you watched tv;

A song that was played on the radio;

A funny story on the internet;

An intriguing article in the newspaper.

Inspiration comes in our dreams;

Wakes us from our daydreams;

Becomes our living fantasies;

Takes us into our nightmares.

It is the flow of water trickling down the stream;

The thunder of lightning on a thundery day;

The crashing of waves along the Victorian coastline;

The sweltering heat on a scorching summer day.

Inspiration is nowhere,





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