Thank YOU: The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

20121210-070937.jpg  I really think this an awesome looking Blog Award.  See it’s got fancy lettering and an awesome design all over.  So I’m ecstatic that I got it.  Thanks to Liam at The Life of A Thinker.  THANKS LIAM for the nomination, and GUYS and PEEPS, totally go and check out his blog!


So these are the rules :

* Display the award logo on your blog

* Link back to the person who nominated you

* State seven things about yourself

* Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them

* Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements


Alrighty, here we go!


1. I have an obsession with manga, to the extent I even read stuff that’s not that great
2. I love One Piece, especially the Manga! (I’m a big fan!)
3. I saw Skyfall, and for the first time realised how awesome Daniel Craig was as James Bond, to be honest I didn’t have much of an opinion on his two previous Bond films
4. Despite it’s cliche-ness and sometimes cheesiness I really do like the James Bond series.
5. I can read several books at once, without getting confused, though if one is better than the others, I’ll probably shoot through it before I realise that I haven’t touched the others in awhile.
6. I have had a lack of inspiration for flash fiction lately, but that might be because I’m working on a bigger writing project…
7. I personally hate e-readers.  I just don’t see how they’re so great.


Next:  My nominees!!


2)  www.addgrainonearth,















13 thoughts on “Thank YOU: The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

  1. Ah well thank you! Give me a few days and I will get on this. I just have to survive these last few exams first haha. Your blog is inspirational as well, this award is well deserved 🙂

  2. Thank you for the award Nina…and congrats to you 🙂

    I know another person who loves James Bond too 🙂 I myself only watch 1 Bond movie so far

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