First Semester.


You enter the room. First day, first semester.  Shit.  You look around, plenty of places to sit.  You sit, you can’t help pretending that you’re cool and not lonely at all, holding your phone flicking through stuff.  You actually have nothing to do. People file in, one by one, and seats fill, the ones next to you are still empty, so you cross your fingers and hope someone actually sits down in it.  Because it’d be really embarrassing if you were the only person in the room with no one sitting next to them.  You’re anxious to chat to the person who’ll sit next to you since you know that’s the best way to start the semester.  But so far there is no one.  This makes you nervous, and you can’t help but think, oh my god, oh my god, what am I going to do.  Yet if you’re so worried about being alone, you ask yourself, why don’t you go and talk to the person a seat over.  You think about it, look up for a second, then look down as though you weren’t looking at other people.  But it’s fruitless, that person is already talking to someone else.  You go back to your phone.  It’s getting boring but you refuse to look up.

At one stage you considered sending a text hopeful that the person would reply quickly so that you could actually have a conversation while pretending to have one.  But you decide against it because you know they won’t text back in time and you’d be back at square one and you’d feel bad for texting them for such a small reason.

Every once in awhile you do look up though, because you want to see if anyone is looking at you.  No one is, and everyone is talking to someone.  Shit.  How did you get into this situation?  So you put away your phone and take out your notepad.  Now you’re thinking, omg why did I bring one notepad and one pen?  Well you know why.  You chose it because it was easier, plus, you’re too lazy to get one book for each class.  In hindsight, what’s the point, right?

Minutes tick by, now you’re reaching for your phone again, since no one is talking to you.  Then again, you’re also not the only one not talking to anyone.  Phew, thank goodness.  You flick through some more old memorable messages, even check facebook.  Nothing new.  Blah.  It’s nearly time for the tutorial to start, you put your phone away once more, at last giving up on being social.  But then, the chair on your right side fills up and startled you look at them.  They catch you looking and they smile.  You smile back and without realising it, you crack a joke.

Hehe, she laughs, you laugh, and before you realise it, you’re on a roll and you forget that you were even worried about starting a new semester with a new set of people in a new class.


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