From Paperback to Widescreen.

Beautiful Creatures movie trailer!

You see here [this video above].  Well, I can’t believe I only found out about this, but still, it’s already at the stage where there’s an official trailer made.  And it looks awesome!  Now quite frankly I’ll say that I got bored with the series at the second book, but that does not mean I thought it was crap, it just means it’s not really my style.  Firstly it’s description are plentiful and lush, very beautiful and in depth.  Secondly, it reminded me of twilight and Romeo and Juliet, both of which I role my eyes at because they really focus on romance, and well I don’t really go that way.  I like a little bit more action and adventure in my novels.  But anyway, I’m posting about this because I wanted to say two things, one) geez how many movies are being made out of YA nowadays, though I’m not really complaining and two) I am so freaakingg excited about it!!!

Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1) The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

Haha, I mean seriously check it out, first it was Harry Potter, then it was Twilight, and then it was the Hunger Games out this year.  I both love it and hate it (uh for twilight, that’s hate and hate).  Now it’s really awesome knowing that something you’ve read gets turned into a movie, I mean it’s a whole new experience.  Which is why I loved Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.  I mean I sure had all the images in my head, and though I thought those were pretty damn accurate 😛 it’s different from seeing live (okay maybe not live, but alive) physical moving images.  I liked seeing the interpretations and the creations and the whole bring alive the author’s world.  I think it’s great.

But it’s even better when the movie is really close to the book.  Like the Hunger Games, which, if I’m not wrong, Suzanne Collins participated in writing the screenplay.  I don’t know how much she wrote, but I think it made the movie a hundred times better!  All the important parts were kept and the story felt complete, just like what I’d read.  With Harry Potter it was a little different, and while there were times when I thought there were too many events skipped, I still thought the overall eight movies were pretty good.  Twilight was the same even if it bored me.  Turns out for once, even though I’d read the book, I really couldn’t stomach the movie.  But yeah, still watched it.

It goes the same with other YA movies.  Though the ones I’m going to talk about next are not quite so great.  If you think of the film on its own it’s pretty damn cool, but if you compare it to the book, well…

I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, #1) 

Take for example, the first of all examples, I Am Number Four.  Now the book by Pittacus Lore, I didn’t like so much, but the sequel I absolutely loved!  As for the movie, I thought it was okay, pretty accurate but overall, it was boring-ish.  But hell I thought it was the same with the book, though in the box offices, it didn’t do as well as the big hits that I mentioned above (and of course any that I’ve forgotten).

Beastly (Kendra Chronicles) 

Beastly by Alex Finn was a big favourite with teens and the film starred favourites like Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Pettyfer (who also starred in I Am Number Four) and Mary-Kate Olsen.  Though the conception had been altered a lot from the original novel.  It wasn’t bad, in my opinion, and probably did okay in cinemas too.  But it can’t be compared to the likes of the Hunger Games and the Harry Potter franchise.

Eragon (Inheritance, #1) 

Eragon.  Christopher Paolini.  Now that movie I remembered seeing without even reading the book.  But hell it was soooo bad that clearly the fact that I didn’t read the book straight after was already a sign.  Okay I ended up reading the book this year after a suggestion from a friend, but honestly it wasn’t that great.  I probably won’t read the others, no offense those of you out there who love the series!  Anyway, I think the expectation was that Eragon would be a hit, but as it was…

What else what else?  Let’s see, in the next few years and maybe for the next decade or longer I think YA fiction to film will have a snug little place in cinemas because honestly just knowing that something I’ve read is going to made into a film makes me want to buy a ticket and go to the cinemas.  Otherwise it’d be a waste of money.  There aren’t that many things I’d watch in the cinemas.  But with the upcoming possibilities I think I’ll be hard pressed to stay away…that or I’d probably need to find a more permanent source of money :P.

Divergent (Divergent, #1) City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)

Anyway I got curious and started looking around the net for the latest info on YA novels being made into films, and I’ve found a few.  Check out this link and This one.  Personally I’m interested in seeing Divergent, City of Bones and Vampire Academy.  OOOHHH and I’ve heard rumours about Catherine Fisher’s Incarceron being made into a film, though I’m not certain, if it does, hell yess!  I love that book!

I can’t say that I’ll love or hate them, but I can say these studios are hoping on scoring big by aiming towards a YA audience.  It’s a pretty good plan, but it depends on the movies they produce right?  Normally I’d rather read my book and stay with my own imagination, because it’s always going to be different to what the directors and whatever make, right?  But then, when a particularly big thing comes around like Harry Potter and the Hunger Games, and when the previews look wicked awesome, then it can’t be helped that I might be drawn to the cinema, just to watch it.

The best part is when the film is made great and it matches all your expectations the studios have totally made the right gamble, and you as the watcher by that point really don’t care.  Well that’s what I felt when I watch the Hunger Games.

;P here’s that awesome trailer for the Hunger Games – I don’t care if it’s already out of the cinema, lol, this can be motivation to go buy/borrow it if you haven’t seen it yet! (Though I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this then you probably already have!)

Welllll I don’t know though…what do people think about YA novels or any novels in general being turned into movies?

Oh and there are some many possible YA adaptions being considered including WAKE – Lisa McMann and a bunch of others, are there any out there you’d like to see made into a movie?  I mean my list here is pretty minimal and there are rumours everywhere, so who knows maybe the one you want is already being considered.


5 thoughts on “From Paperback to Widescreen.

    • Awesome! I thought so! No way could an ordinary screenwriter could adapt HG the way it was. I remember watching it and thinking how awesome it was because it was exactly like I remembered the book to be. I know! It’s always better when the author plays a role in the adaptation but I guess they can’t always do it.

  1. I think they’re great if you’ve read the book beforehand. But otherwise I think the actor’s face gets etched into your memory whenever you try to read. For example, imagining Daniel Radcliffe every time you read Harry Potter. It spoils your imagination.

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