The Dream Weaver.

It came to my attention this morning when I was looking through my Word document where I keep all my 55 fiction, that I had not posted this particular story yet.  Haha I was certainly surprised, but nonetheless, here it is for you!

Now, I have to make note several things first.  This image I’ve attached to it, is one I drew a while back.  This same image is on my deviantart page (click here to view).  What’s more, I also made use of a poem by Edgar Allan Poe (since he’s just awesome :p), but it probably isn’t viewable – depending on how big the image turns out, sooooo I have another link (click here to view the full poem, Dreams by Edgar Allen Poe)

The Dream Weaver (She who creates the colours and weaves of dreams)

She who creates the colours and weaves of dreams

The girl rolled about in her sleep.  Her dream tormenting her fragile soul.  A shadow descends over her, the figure’s hands wrapped in string.  She wove.  Light poured out from her hands and a thread snaked through the air to touch the girl.  The girl sighed and rolled once to cuddle her blanket.

“Dream well.”


18 thoughts on “The Dream Weaver.

  1. That is such an awesome picture! Keep up the great work 🙂 And Edgar Allan Poe is just too great! I just got his entire collections in one book…which even includes all of his lesser known short stories!

    • Thank you! Yes, even though I haven’t read much, I do love what I have read of him! He is way too awesome! Lol no way! I only have the collection that my high school used a few years back, haha, so far my favourite story is ‘Black Cat’ – it’s so clever!

      • Right?! You definitely have to read some of his other works too. They’re the best, especially on rainy days…oh man are they the best. Definitely dark stuff for sure. I’ll definitely have to check out Black Cat. I might have to do that instead of this outline I should be doing…haha.

        • Oh I will! I’ve read a quite a few of his poems, most of which feature in some of my random works of so-called art, but I’ve read only a few of the short stories. Though I know their supposed to be dark and creepy – but that just makes it all the more interesting! Haha, yeah, well, I’m doing blog stuff rather than the essay I have due monday, so no big deal 😛

      • Haha, you definitely won’t regret it. I think my favorite one of all would have to be The Fall of the House of Usher. Great read. And I can totally relate…darn this blog. I think I’ve written more things for it than all of my classes so far…There’s just too many interesting things to read, like this for example 🙂

        • Haha, oh then I have to definitely check it out when I get home tonight! Well, anything written for a blog is bound to be way more interesting than anything written for classes. Haha thank you! 🙂

        • Haha, good to know that I’m not the only one :), No probs! lol, I checked out your blog, and it’s way cool! Hehe some of it quite … humorous! And thank you for the follow!

        • Haha thanks for the compliment! Lol, yeah I know the feeling! Oh yes, but in my world, homework is allwaayyysss depressing! Actually that’s a lie, once in a while, it’s not so bad 😛

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