Like a Fire. ‘The diamond of truth’ Part Two

Felicity lay resting.  Dallas, or Nurse Dallas as Fel liked to tease the female warrior, refused her request to walk.  Fel was stuck.  She could not move from the bed without fear of facing the fierce warrior.  And despite her magic, Fel would not/ could not win a match.  After making a diamond out of Gevrid, Fel had slept for three days.  Magic of that level, especially magic that to so fully transformed a human so that he would still live despite his incarceration would have exceeded Felicity’s ability if it were not for the diamond.

The diamond.  Fel rolled to the bedside table where the diamond sat in a velvet pouch.  She sighed as it rolled onto her palm.  It burned, though no mark remained.  It burned like any tool where its purpose was to enhance the flow of magic.  It had felt like a fire, the magic coursed through her body searing every vein and artery.  The minute her hand with the diamond in its centre had pressed against Gevrid’s forehead, the fire had started.  It had been unlike the magical fire that had melted the ice that had once covered her for several days until her nose became free.  Once her nose was free, Fel had been free to slowly massage her magical muscles.  Slowly the frozen muscles began working again, and by the time Gevrid had the brains enough to tell her to stop, it was already too late.

Gevrid.  Fel sighed as she stared at the glistening forever that was the all powerful diamond in her hand.  As she stared into the heart of the diamond, she saw something she didn’t want to see.

Four weeks ago in the deserted alleyway behind the dinky dunk pub where Fel wandered every so often with her munchkins, little orphans she sponsored in secret, she stumbled across a man in a ripped uniform, half unconscious.  She’d recognised the uniform, and on her command commandeered several scarves from her already clothing-less adoptive family.  With care she’d wrapped them around her face so that he shouldn’t have recognised her.

And he didn’t at first.  With the combined energy of her mini force and herself, she hauled the Captain to their secret hideout.  And despite her common sense, she made absolute sure that the wounds healed cleanly on his chest.

She saw within the diamond the past-her holding her hand above his wounds, the flow of essence shifting between them as she took his pain into her and in return gave him the life boost he needed to live.  The change had been startling.  Fel knew, even then that she had poured more of her life into him than she had meant to.  But life was only healing if it was the life essence that was being exchanged.  If she had given him some of her essence, then she would have killed him instead.

But as it was, he had taken some of her life and unexpectedly draining her more than she should have let such a healing do so.  She collapsed in bed beside the healing Captain and passed out.

When she woke up, it was to a wide awake and fully healed Gevrid.

“Princess.”  Fel’s heart froze then.  The gurgling painful laughter that erupted from him though seemed to speak amusement, which was clearly not what the situation should entail.  Fel was the King’s treasured daughter.  She should be in the palace surrounded by pretty dresses and loyal servants, showered in roses and orchids and all kinds of pretty flowers, not here in the middle of the city’s smelliest suburbs.  But she was, here, that is, where no princess before her would ever think of standing let alone deciding to scour during the daylight.

It was then that she realised she was curled up next to him.  Her scarves had fallen down in her sleep, and she cursed soundly in her head for being so stupid.  But she stayed still anyway.  It wasn’t as though Captain Gevrid, Lord Evernight wasn’t known to her.  He was just, for the moment not the King’s favourite noble.  Not only was he the second son given a title by his uncle, but he was also uncooperative most of the time of the King and his preposterous notions.

Gevrid was known to criticise the King’s attitude towards his only daughter and heir.  It wasn’t unknown that Fel refused to obey her father as she should.  Sure she did well when it came to running her kingdom, but when it came to her father’s restraints she refused to listen.  She was impulsive.  Incredibly impulsive.   And like her father, her magic was just as strong.

Fel pulled out of the memory.  What happened next wasn’t hard to imagine.  Fel let herself trust a man like Gevrid.  She trusted him because he vowed that he would keep her secret.

Even so, for sake of impressions, her little munchkins had brought her more scarves and she once again draped them over her head.

She sighed and put the diamond back on the bedside table.  It would go back home, but not until she proved to her father that the diamond should not be hidden away in the vaults.

She shivered as the sound of raindrops falling on the dilapidated roof sung her to sleep again.  A storm was coming again.  He had betrayed her in the end.  He hadn’t been careful enough.

In her dream she stood in the statue room looking at a decrystallising Gevrid at her feet.  When the crystals fell off him, he stood, stretching his height until he towered over her.

“Oh Fel, you could trust me.”  His hand strayed to her cheek caressing it the way he shouldn’t.  Rain pelted them like the angry god of the sky taking out his revenge.

“I didn’t…know,” she whispered, afraid.  Angry.  Hurt, but mostly, afraid. She reached up to catch his hand, only for him to pull away.  She reached out to grab him again, but he faded faster than she could see.  The storm raged around them, the fire in her soul dimmed, as she realised what she was losing.

As he disappeared beyond the ice, he radiated the fire that matched what disappeared from her.  He burned the aqua from the air.  The vapour engulfed him and she cried out.  He was a part of the storm now, gone with the rain.  She should wonder what would happen to him.

But he was fire and the storm, tempestuous and unpredictable, and not at all like ice and crystal.



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