Georgette Heyer.

I didn’t ever see myself as a fan of Georgette Heyer not until I picked up my very first Georgette Heyer book, Arabella.  That was by a whim, I guess I picked it because the cover just so beautiful.  But either way, I did.

There’s something beautiful to be envied of Ms Heyer’s work.  She’s considered the mother of the historical regency romance genre, the creator, the initiator.  I’m not surprised, alongside her contemporary detective fiction for which she is partly known for, that she has  become a martyr (or like) of regency romance.  I just love her novels!

Like most who write about the Regency era, Heyer was inspired by Jane Austen.  But unlike Austen though, Heyer was writing historicals set in the regency era that blended with romance.  She detailed her works with aspects of society that would have taken years of researching.  Her language is superb and the style is wittily sharp.

While all her regencies follow the same kind of pattern and the same kinds of issues generally related to society and that of the ‘Ton’, her writing brings to mind the sense of familiarity.  I don’t know how many of her regencies I’ve read, but I think I have them all, nearly.  She has the kind of writing style that makes you want to read on, and read the next.

Delving into her many novels, I have to say Sylvester is my favourite.  I think she’s at her best here,

creating a wonderfully charming, funny and sweet novel romance between the unpredictable Phoebe who is definitely not the kind of bride the Duke of Salford expected in a prospective wife.  But after everything they go through, you can kind of fall in love with this pairing too.  This is undeniably my favourite Georgette Heyer regency!

“Oh, yes, she’s unusual!’ he said bitterly. ‘She blurts our whatever may come into her head;she tumbles from one outrageous escapade into another;she’s happier gromming horses and hobnobbing with stable-hands than going to parties; she’s impertinent; you daren’t catch her eye for fear she should start to giggle; she hasn’t any accomplishments; I never saw anyone with less diginity; she’s abominable, and damnably hot at hand, frank to a fault, and-a darling!”


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